METM18 podcast: Allison Wright

METM18 podcast series with Lisa Agostini

Allison Wright presented a talk at METM18 entitled When your name’s on it: marking your digital territory. This podcast contains snippets from the presentation and a short interview with Allison by Lisa Agostini. For MET members: To see the slides in Allison’s presentation, visit the METM archive.


About the presenter:
Based in Portugal since 2008, Allison Wright is a German-, French- and Portuguese-to-English translator and English editor with over 30 years’ experience. Although Allison specialises in corporate communications and has an in-depth knowledge of viticulture, her many interests – like her life – defy neat description.

About the interviewer:
Lisa Agostini has been a translator and editor for 20 years with previous career stints at MTV, BBC and in academic publishing. She works from French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian into English in the medical, pharmaceutical and humanities fields, and is the Coordinator of the ITI Spanish Network.

Podcast recorded by Julian Mayers of Yada Yada. Photo by METM18 photographer Cesc Anadón. Inset by Sarah Bawa Mason.

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